Sighting: Kim Shui

Wednesday, April 22

It's been the longest time since my last sighting post but I have another interesting one for you today! Last Fridays, I had the opportunity to meet fashion designer, Kim Shui. She had a fashion show titled "The Blue Devil Wears Prada" last Saturday that I was privileged to be a  part of but before I go into that, let's rewind back to the day before the show.


Saturday, April 18

So I wore this outfit to the Kim Shui Fashion show, I will share my experience on working behind the scene with a designer for the first time so make sure to stay tuned for that.


Wednesday, April 15

Is it obvious I've been loving orange lately? For real, I've tried to stay away but I keep going back at the same time. It's safe to say, the obsession is real.

LAJA Unseen #4

Saturday, April 11

Don't forget to check out the name of this pose for the picture above on LAJAgram (@miss_laja). Enjoy!

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