LAJA Adages, Your Quotes #1

Jul 25, 2015

I find it interesting seeing how people of different backgrounds, cultures etc react to the same adage. I had a conversation with 5 people on theirs. See them below and read mine here

 What's the first thing that comes to your mind after reading this adage? 

Comment it below and let's have a discussion!

Orange We Know

Jul 22, 2015

I always wonder why my brain always seems to be the most active at night. I know I'm not alone but I find I come up with the best ideas at night. I always find myself jotting down several things and I'm there thinking where were you during daytime? I'm meant to be asleep but psych! That's when the brain decides to go on overdrive. Anyways, the most recent encounter from what I like to call nighttime thinking was to compile the numerous videos on my phone and share them. More specifically from when I was in France a year ago. I seriously surprise myself by what I find on my phone. Photos, #LAJASelfies and videos of things I don't recall taking. In short, my phone has suffered. 

Party In The Back

Jul 18, 2015

Crop tops are cool and all but a reverse crop top? Hmm, very interesting concept. I sometimes feel very self conscious showing off my belly button. I don't know why but I just feel weird. I'll probably get over it eventually but till then. This ankara top with the space at the back really appeals to me. It's just the right amount of skin and not too much to make me feel uncomfortable. Plus, these high-rise jeans have to be the best fitting pair I own. It hugs all the right places and it's just plain comfortable. Amen for comfort in fashion.


Jul 12, 2015

Lana del Rey has been giving me genuine life. I have been a fan for the longest time but you know when you stumble upon a gem song and you think; "where have you been my whole life?" When I listened to "West Coast", I felt like I was floating through some fairytale fantasy. I had heard it before but I just really listened to it. Anyways, it's on repeat non-stop till my ears fall off.
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